Dancing in One World

26 Jan

*Chapter 8 of Dancing: The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement by Gerald Jonas

Dance, just any other thing, cannot be detached from the people who make and perform it. It has a life of its own and exists in time. It shows us different stories from the past, present and future. It lets the people be aware of events that define the society.

It continues to preserve its essence through the different interpretation of people. The past comes alive in its dances as long as the dancer of today feels alive while performing it. Music is also a part of this conservation. A lot of notations have already been developed to continually tell the story of the dances and add some elements from the present and future. Artists have also contributed to this by sharing messages through their dance, music and performances.

Dance truly reaches out to the people. It communicates and shares the tradition of a society from generation to generation. Dance creates a world where people have respect from one another. Dance is the most powerful tool in creating unified existence.


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